Retrieve Deleted Pictures From Flash Drive

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How to get back deleted photos from a flash drive?

Flash drives are convenient storage devices that can transport a wide range of files from one system to another. These portable storage devices offer memory space in gigabytes that is why it is widely used for transporting pictures and other media files. However, deletion of pictures from flash drives is often experienced by users while transferring pictures, performing read/write operation or due to other factors. It’s really quite disappointing for users when they managed to erase their favorite memories from a flash drive. When files are deleted from a removable drive, you cannot hope for getting them back without utilizing any third-party tool. So don’t be late and search for an efficient app to restore deleted pictures from a flash drive. With this article know how to retrieve deleted pictures from a flash drive and about possible circumstances that are accountable for this drastic loss. So, just go through this page and make easy retrieval of deleted photos.

Possibilities where photos may be deleted from a flash drive:

  • While erasing unwanted photos from a flash drive, the user may delete a few valuable pictures mistakenly.
  • Some viruses are very harmful and deliberately delete picture files from a flash drive.
  • Pictures may be deleted from a flash drive due to interrupted file transfer operation.
  • Incomplete “cut + paste” key combination also result in removal of photos that are being transferred from flash drive to other storage devices.
  • Pictures and all other files are deleted after formatting the flash drive. However, you can restore all erased photos after formatting a flash drive, click on

As we know the flash drives are easily shared and frequently used in various devices, the file deletion may take place easily due to careless handling during its usage. Therefore, for your convenience, you can save the duplicate of flash drive data on your computer. Or you can make your drive write protected to avoid accidental deletion or formatting. When you suspect deletion of files from a flash drive, stop using it and utilize the third-party flash drive recovery tool to retrieve deleted pictures from a flash drive. To recover data from a formatted compact flash drive, visit

The Best Flash Drive Recovery Software is empowered with advanced photo recovery features that help you in recovering deleted photos from flash drives after accidental deletion, virus attack or any other photo deletion accident. This software has potential to perform retrieval of all popular photo file formats such as .jpeg, .tiff, .bmp, .gif, .png, etc including raw photo files like .nef, .raw, .cr2, .dng and many others. It facilitates users to undelete photos produced from a variety of digital cameras, for example, Samsung, Kodak, Sony, Nikon, Minolta, Canon, Fujifilm, and others. The software guarantees complete recovery of deleted or lost photos from a flash drive of various brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, HP, Transcend, Toshiba, etc. Follow this link to get the best result in SanDisk Cruzer flash drive recovery.

Note: Visit this page and know the best procedure to restore corrupted USB flash drive data.

Steps to restore deleted pictures from flash drive:

Step 1: Install this software on your computer and connect the flash drive. Launch the application to open its main window as shown in figure A.

Restore Deleted Pictures From Flash Drive - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Choose the flash drive from that you want to restore deleted photos as shown in figure B.

Retrieve Deleted Pictures From Flash Drive - Choose Flash Drive

Figure B: Choose Flash Drive

Step 3: At last, the list of recovered pictures will be displayed as shown in figure C.

Recover Deleted Pictures From Flash Drive - Recovered Photo Files

Figure C: Recovered Photo Files

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