Easy Way to Restore Files from Broken USB Flash Disk Drive

Know how to fix broken USB flash drive and recover files from it by using Best Flash Drive Recovery software. Free download the software on your sytsem, and connect the broken flash drive to it. Then, launch the software and select the drive for scanning. The software scans the broken flash drive and recovers entire data from it. Then, the tool displays the recovered files on the screen before saving them. Try now!!!

USB flash drive is a portable storage device having storage capacity ranging from few MBs to GB. Since with its advanced features and huge storage capacities being popular and used all across the globe. Besides, sometimes when you connect the USB flash drive to PC or laptop in order to perform data transfer process, meanwhile during the process, any sort of interruption like sudden power failure or abrupt removal of USB flash drive can severely damage the flash drive. Moreover, soon after this, when you again connect the USB flash drive to a computer to my surprise it shows unexpected error message "The USB drive is not recognized". This might turn all your excitement into depression and start thinking what went wrong and realize that you abruptly removed USB flash drive from the system when it is in use. This can make the USB flash drive severely corrupt or damaged leaving the entire data inaccessible.

You might start cursing yourself for this irresponsible act, but that isn’t going to help you in this regard? Well, don’t worry still you can restore data from broken USB flash drive, simply by opting the Broken USB Flash Drive Data Recovery software to restore data from broken USB flash drive within a few mouse clicks. With the help of these advanced scanning algorithms, it is possible to perform rigorous scanning of USB flash drive to get back deleted or lost files such as pictures, music files, video, documents, spreadsheets, etc with utmost ease. It has the ability to restore data from a quick formatted flash drive of types like USB flash drive, Pen drive, Thumb drive, etc.

Factors responsible for data loss from USB flash drive:

  • Accidental Deletion: At certain times, while removing unwanted data from USB flash drive end up choosing essential data by clicking on "Shift + Delete" or "Command + Shift + Delete" option can lead to permanent deletion of the entire data. However, employ Broken USB Flash Drive Data Recovery software to know how to find deleted files from a flash drive and for more details, click here www.bestflashdriverecovery.com/find-deleted-files.html.
  • Sudden Removal of USB Flash Drive: Whenever you abruptly remove or unplug USB flash drive connected to your system during data transfer process, it can severely damage or corrupt USB flash drive making the entire data inaccessible. However, with the aid of this powerful tool, you can restore data from corrupt Kingston DataTraveler flash drive with ease. For more information, visit here https://www.bestflashdriverecovery.com/data-from-kingston-datatraveler.html.
  • Virus Attacks: Sometimes, when you connect the USB flash drive to any virus infected PC or copy any virus infected file to your system can severely corrupt the USB flash drive result in data loss.

To get rid of the above-mentioned data loss scenarios, it is recommended to impartially maintain a proper backup of the entire data to other storage device and avoid using USB flash drive to prevent overwriting of existing data with a newer one. If you fail to follow none of the above remedies, then certainly its a wiser option to without any hesitation utilize Broken USB Flash Drive Data Recovery tool to restore data from the broken flash drive with great ease. This software is capable enough to retrieve files from the Verbatim flash drive as well as other flash drive brands such as Transcend, Kingston, LaCie, SanDisk, HP, etc with utmost ease.

It has its original integrity maintained. The software is programmed with technical algorithms which prevent loss or alteration of data after recovery.

Moreover, you can use Broken USB Flash Drive Data Recovery application to get back data from formatted, reformatted, corrupt, damaged or inaccessible USB flash drive with ease. Further, you can employ this software to restore data from hard drive, external hard drives like FireWire drive and other storage devices. Also, you can utilize this software to retrieve data from broken USB flash drive running on the latest version of Windows OS 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc and macOS High Sierra, Mac OS X El Capitan, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. For more details to restore data on Windows 8 machine, tap here https://www.bestflashdriverecovery.com/get-back-data-on-windows-8.html.

Note: You can save recovered USB flash disk drive data from your computer hard disk drive to any other storage device without any difficulty. All the files that recovered using this software can be used on any multimedia device (like mobile, iPod, etc.) or the system.

Simple steps to restore broken USB flash drive data

Step 1: Initially, plug the corrupted USB flash drive to your computer and then run it to launch its home window as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1: Home Window

Step 2: In this step, select broken USB flash drive from the displayed list of logical drives as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2: Select USB Flash Drive

Step 3: As soon as scanning is done, the recovered files will be displayed as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3: Recovered Files

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