Get Back Flash Drive Data on Windows 8

Recovering deleted or lost files from flash drive is not a simple task. But, with Best Flash Drive Recovery tool, the task becomes so simple and easy. Just download the trial version of Best flash Drive Recovery software and launch it on your Windows 8. Connect the flash drive to your system, and select it & click Scan button. The software scans the drive and recovers entire data. At last, it displays the recovered files before saving. Try now!!!

How to Get Back Flash Drive Data on Windows 8

Even though Windows 8 OS provides different safety measures to prevent loss of data stored on the flash drive and uses a safe, secure and consistent file system, but there are some crucial times in which many users lose their important files stored on the flash drive when it is being connected to the computer. Losing some vital files from a flash drive is really unbearable. If you are in such a circumstance and thinking about how to get back flash drive data on Windows 8, no need to be anxious as you can easily get back flash drive data on Windows 8 with the help of some professional flash drive recovery software. The Best Flash Drive Recovery is one such powerful and trustworthy tool which helps you to rescue data from a flash drive in few simple mouse clicks.

Corruption of flash drive is the most common factor for losing files from a flash drive. Most often flash drive becomes inaccessible due to infection of the malicious virus, file system breakdown, improper ejection of flash drive when a drive is under the read/write process. In order to access such flash drives further, you need to format it. In case, the files stored such flash drive are not yet backed up, then a user will have to give up his important files. In addition to flash drive corruption, instances like accidental deletion, software glitches, unexpected system shutdown, etc may also result in loss of precious data from a flash drive. As soon as you observe some files are deleted from a flash drive, stop using the flash drive because it is stated before, you can rescue files from USB drive before overwriting the flash drive with new files. You can use this link to recover data from a compact flash drive after format:

Formatting or deleting a file from a flash drive will never erase data immediately, only the pointer which refers to the stored location of a file will be removed and storage space is marked as the available but actual stream of data still resides on the same stored sector until and unless it is not overwritten by new data. Unfortunately, all such types of files are inaccessible without an index but this rescue utility scans the entire flash drive and get back flash drive data on Windows 8. Moreover, it can also recover files from Transcend and all other brands of USB flash drives.

Whatever the reason might be for the loss of flash drive data, this advanced tool will get them back at your fingertips. Along with flash drive, it recuperates data from external hard disks, iPods, FireWire drives, USB hard drives, etc. This tool has an inbuilt scanning algorithm which scans the entire flash drive and restores all types of files which are stored on flash drives. Besides Windows 8, it can also support data rescue on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP and all other Windows versions. It can also support data retrieval on all versions of Mac computers. It facilitates you to save the data rescue session in order to avoid re-scanning of a flash drive. You can get more information of how to rescue formatted drive by clicking here

Simple steps to get back flash drive data on Windows 8:

Step 1: After downloading this software, install it on your computer then run it to launch the welcome screen as shown in figure I.

Get Back Flash Drive Data on Windows 8 - Welcome Screen

Figure I: Welcome Screen

Step 2: You need to select a flash drive from the list of logical drives or partitions as shown in figure II.

Recover Flash Drive Data on Windows 8 - Select Flash Drive

Figure II: Select Flash Drive

Step 3: You can preview any media file from the list of rescued files as shown in figure III.

Get Back Flash Drive Files on Windows 8 - Rescued Files

Figure III: Preview File

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