Permanently Delete Data from Flash Drive

Secure way to erase data permanently on flash drive!

Flash drives are extensively used for carrying files which we need frequently for official or personal use. Sometimes we keep some personal files or confidential data on flash drive that could be a treasure for others and you may run into unwanted problems. Definitely flash drives are easily shared therefore you need to be more careful while managing crucial information on flash drive. Before you share flash drive to others, you should delete sensitive data permanently from flash drive. Usually it is not easy to erase data forever and securely from any storage drive therefore employing Remo MORE is the best practice to permanently delete data from flash drive.

If you are confident about removal of information after deleting a file with Delete or Shift + Delete keys combination, then it’s your misconception only. You may get at risk if somebody with wrong intention gets your flash drive because normal deletion is not enough to permanently delete data from flash drive. Normally, when a user deletes a file from a storage drive, data does not actually gone until the memory area on disk that is occupied by deleted file is overwritten by new files. What’s go on exactly after delete operation is, it results in removing link to a delete file that from indexer of flash drive and particular area is specified as available to save information. It is a common phenomenon applied with all storage devices. So one can recover deleted information from a flash drive, days or weeks later by utilizing third party data recovery application and it’s very easy process.

Therefore, it is clear that you have to practice another strategy to achieve complete and secure erasure of data from flash drive. For this reason you can format your flash drive to erase entire data in a single attempt and then overwrite flash drive data with any number of files. But it seems quite cumbersome and you will have to put extra efforts to do so. It is just a waste of crucial time and not a perfect way to achieve desired level of security. Furthermore it doesn’t guarantee permanent deletion of information. Taking advantage of any professional application is the best approach to permanently delete data from flash drive. By practicing such technology you will be able to erase data from flash drive effectively.

Now the question is how to delete files permanently from flash drive with the help of technology? Actually you don’t have to do much, simply use a proficient file eraser app like Remo MORE and get you job completed effectively in few clicks only. It is one of the most appreciated tools which is suited with advanced file eraser and data wipe mechanism. You can prefer file eraser option if want to delete a number of files permanently on flash drive. Otherwise you have nine different shredding patterns that will allow you to wipe entire data from flash drive in just a single attempt. It is very easy to use application that can be utilized by novice and professional users both.

Simple steps to erase data on flash drive:

Step 1: After installing this app on your computer, run it to launch it's welcome window. After connecting flash drive, click on "Data Wipe" option from Manage window.

Permanently Delete Data from Flash Drive - Manage Screen

Fig 1: Manage Screen

Step 2: Now, select "File Eraser" option from Data Wipe window as shown in fig 2.

Permanently Delete Data from Flash Drive - File Eraser Option

Fig 2: File Eraser Option

Step 3: After selecting flash drive, select wiping method erase data permanently and click on "Proceed" button to complete the process.

Permanently Delete Data from Flash Drive - Select Method & Proceed

Fig 3: Select Method & Proceed