How to Recover Formatted Thumb Drive

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How to Recuperate Files from Formatted Thumb Drive?

Thumb drives have extensively used the device to store various kinds of files like digital pictures, music files, videos, etc. Most of the people completely dependent on the thumb drive to store the recorded videos and captured pictures. In order to circumvent the compatibility issues while using a thumb drive in different versions of Windows operating systems, all thumb drives use the FAT file system. Formatting a thumb drive after its use is quite common these days. Sometimes, most of the users lose the files stored on the thumb drive due to formatting. Since thumb drives deal with various types of media files like digital pictures and videos, losing of which is really annoying because a lost text document can be re-created but pictures of memorable moments are non-reproducible. Suppose, if you have formatted a thumb drive and lost your precious files, then no need to panic by thinking that 'How can I Rescue Formatted Thumb Drive?', because you can easily rescue files from a formatted thumb drive by using various data recovery software. However, when it comes to getting back thumb drive data on Windows 8, the Best Thumb drive Recovery is the ultimate software in the world. With the help of this utility, people can easily recover deleted files from external hard drives easily. To know more, check this page:

Before getting an answer to 'How can I Rescue Formatted Thumb Drive', let us see how formatting leads to loss of data from a thumb drive.

  • Sometimes, the thumb drive becomes inaccessible due to several reasons like improper plug and play procedure i.e., ejecting the thumb drive when there is a write or read process in progress. In order to use such a corrupted flash drive, further, it needs to be formatted. In case, if the corrupted thumb drive contains your vital files which are not yet backed up, then you will have to face critical data loss crisis.
  • There are times in which many of us unknowingly or knowingly hit the format button without examining the contents of a flash drive and later realize that there were some vital files stored on the formatted thumb drive.
  • Generally, when you connect a thumb drive to the computer, it pops up a message like a format now. Most often this format error message pops up due to errors in the file system. In such cases, the format is the only option left for you to use such thumb drives further.

Irrespective of the cause for data loss, the Best Flash Drive Recovery application is the only answer to 'How can I Rescue Formatted Thumb Drive'. In addition to pen drive data recovery, it can rescue files from storage drives like FireWire drives, iPods, external hard disks, hard disks, USB drives, memory sticks, etc. It can recuperate various types of files like digital pictures, movies, videos, music files, documents, spreadsheets, etc. One can also use this tool to rescue Lacie flash drive and all other brands of flash drives which are available in the market. Moreover, it can rescue data from formatted, reformatted, damaged, corrupted and inaccessible thumb drives. Furthermore, it supports thumb drive recovery on all versions of Windows-based computers including Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 and also supports recovery on all versions of Mac computers. User manual of this tool provides detailed information about 'How can I Rescue Formatted Thumb Drive' using this tool on all different file systems of Windows and Mac OS.

Note: This application is capable enough to recover data from different brands of flash drives. In case, if you lose data from Sony flash drive then you can easily get back data using Sony flash drive recovery tool in a few simple steps. You can get this software for free using this link:

Simple steps to rescue formatted thumb drive data

Step 1: After downloading this tool, install it on your Windows or Mac computer then run it to launch its home wizard as shown in figure 1.

How can I Rescue Formatted Thumb Drive - Home Wizard

Figure 1: Home Wizard

Step 2: You need to select a thumb drive from the list of logical drives as shown in figure 2.

How can I Rescue Formatted Flash Drive - Select Thumb Drive

Figure 2: Select Thumb Drive

Step 3: The rescued files will be displayed as shown in figure 3.

Formatted Thumb Drive Recovery - Rescued Files

Figure 3: Rescued Files

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