How to Speed Up My USB Flash Drive?

Optimize USB Flash Drive for Performance

USB flash drives are widely used for quick and easy data transfer. You can move large amount of files from computer to your newly owned USB flash drive easily. Comparing to past few years capacity of a USB flash drive has been increased amazingly to store & transfer more data with ease. But, over time, the speed of an USB flash is reduced automatically and this process is very slow but steady. You will notice the slow data transfer rate when you are trying to copy a small file into your flash drive. In that case, no need to bother about how to speed up my USB flash drive? Though, you can resolve this types of problems on your USB drive through some tricks manually, to make this operation easier and effective, you can choose some third party application also. Remo MORE is one of those efficient applications to speed up USB flash drive in simple clicks.

Primarily, you can improve USB flash drive performance manually through write caching. Write caching is the process that first places files (which you want to copy) into cache and then sends them to the slow responding USB flash drive. It also enables file dialogs to close up sooner. The actual copying process takes bit more time but it occurs in the background. To enable write caching for the device you have to make these simple steps:

  • First open the ‘Start’ menu and right click on ‘Computer’. Then select Properties from the from the list.
  • Now a new window will open, where you have to select ‘Device Manager’ option from the left pane. Double click on ‘Disk Drives’ to see the list of drives. Among all the drives, right click on the particular USB drive that you want to speed up and go to Properties option.
  • A new window will open, go to ‘Policies’ tab where you will see two options with radio button. Select ‘Better Performance’ option and click ‘OK’.

Through this process, you can speed up USB flash drive by yourself. But if you think that this process is very complex and you are not comfortable with that, you need a third application like Remo MORE. This application can perform this operation without any complex procedure. This tool also fix fragmentation problem that can slow down your flash drive. Defragmenting the drive using this tool you can speed up USB flash drive as well as minimize data accessing time, increase file transfer speed easily.

This Remo MORE application is specially designed with advanced algorithm to speed up USB flash drive successfully. It will be also helpful to delete duplicate files, wipe free disk space to increase its speed. Apart from USB flash drive, you can also use this Remo MORE tool to improve performance of different types of memory card, external disk etc. This tool is designed with easy user interface to make this operation very simple. You can speed up USB flash drive on both Windows and Mac operating system in some simple steps.

Simple steps to Speed Up USB Flash Drive:

Step 1: First install demo version of this application on your computer and connect your USB flash drive to it. After launching it, click on "Drive Defrag" option on Manage tab.

How to Speed Up My USB Flash Drive - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Now, select required option from this window to improve speed of the USB drive.

How to Speed Up My USB Flash Drive - Select Defrag Option

Fig 2: Select Defrag Option

Step 3: Here, you can see the defrag operation and after completion of defragment, you will get a message as shown below..

How to Speed Up My USB Flash Drive - Defragment Analysis Complete

Fig 3: Defragment Analysis Complete